Tweco Fabricator 211i with Single Cylinder Cart (W1004203)

Tweco Fabricator 211i with Single Cylinder Cart (W1004203)
Original Price$1,599.99
Sales Price$1,399.99

Tweco Fabricator 211i with Single Cylinder Cart

Fabricator 3-in-1 211i MP Integrated Weld Pkg & 1 Car (210A, 115/230V, 1PH, 50/60Hz) MIG/Stick/TIG, 2 Roll, CSA

The new Tweco® Fabricator® 211i is the only product of its kind. It features MIG, Stick and TIG welding capabilities – complete in one integrated portable package. It’s the ultimate compact multiprocess welding system that has changed the game. This portable powerhouse is designed to take on a wide range of MIG, Stick and TIG applications. It can deliver from 10 to 210 Amps of welding output power from 230 Volts input or 150 Amps from 115 VAC. Power like that is how work gets done. This is a high performance machine that can perform anywhere. Weighing less than 58 pounds, it’s approximately half the weight of the competition’s single process MIG equipment. It’s the ideal choice for the light to medium fabrication of steel, stainless steel and aluminum (MIG) across a wide range of user applications.