Tweco 201TS Stick & TIG Package (W1003801)

Tweco 201TS Stick & TIG Package (W1003807)

Tweco 201TS Stick & TIG Kit with Tool Box

(200A, 115V/208-230V, 1PH, 50/60HZ) HF TIG/Lift TIG/Stick, Remote Control Capable

The Tweco 201 TS Portable DC Welder packs a serious punch and is ideal for tradesmen or welders with more demanding requirements. Powerful yet compact and portable, the 201TS can deliver 125 Amps on 115 Volt circuits for Stick welding and 160 Amps for TIG. When used on 208-230 Volt circuits, maximum output is 200 Amps for either welding process. The 201 TS features optimized hot start and user adjustable arc-force circuits delivering superior arc starting and control when Stick welding. The power source has High Frequency or Lift TIG circuitry for TIG welding and includes a trigger hold function (2T/4T), down slope timer, gas solenoid for flow through gas and the ability to use torch switch or foot control accessories. The TIG torch included in the package has an integrated amperage control dial and on/off switch, which allows for the ultimate in welding control and simplicity. Weighs 21Lbs. 3 year warranty.