About Us

Preferred Welder Sales was started in 1987 with Dan Sallstrom (owner) selling welding equipment and related accessories from the back of his truck and trailer. His mission was to provide customers with the best service and welding equipment available for a fair price. He traveled the country selling his equipment at farm shows, trade shows, and county and state fairs.

Since that time, his mission has not changed. In 2000, employees were added and a new shop and office were built. This new building enabled him to keep more welding gases, equipment and accessories in stock to provide fast and easy delivery. The added space also gave the company the ability to start servicing and repairing all brands of welding and cutting equipment. Dan knew that whether you are on the farm or a business relying on welding equipment to make a living, you can't afford lost time for equipment breakdowns.

Over the past few years, Preferred Welder Sales has seen its gross sales grow to nearly a million dollars. Along with the store and service center, he continues to travel the country bringing equipment and industry expertise to the customer. The headquarters for Preferred Welder Sales remains in Mankato, Minnesota.

Reaching his 25 year annivesary in business has been made possible by not only Dan's dedication to the company, but also by great customers like you.